Achim Menges will give a lecture on „Integratives Computerbasiertes Planen und Bauen” at BAU 2019 on Monday 14th of January, followed by a panel discussion panel. As the world’s leading fair for architecture, materials and systems, BAU Munich is the world`s leading fair and an important platform for architecture, materials and systems. The conference “Efficient, high quality and digital – ways into the building of tomorrow” deals with current trends and challenges in building research and building practice. Sustainable construction implies that a building not only functions for the next ten years, but also adapts to the changing needs of society and at the same time is built in a sustainable way that conserves resources. The conference addresses high-tech and low-tech approaches to rethink and integrate technology, materials, methods and design.

Messe München, ICM, Saal 14c, 14.01.2019, 16:00


For more information, please visit the Konferenz “Effizient, qualitätvoll und digital – Wege in das Bauen von morgen”