Architecture and sciences: A new naturalness
24th October 2013

Scène nationale, Orléans

In partnership with the Réseau des maisons de l’architecture and the Maison de l’Architecture du Centre.

The problematics of ArchiLab 2013, involving digital architecture and the sciences, will be broached at an international symposium which will bring together ten exhibited architects. They will present their latest research, dealing with changes occurring in the very concept of nature and ecology.

Keynote speakers:
Alisa Andrasek (Biothing), ecoLogicStudio, Philippe Morel (EZCT Architecture & Design Research), Marc Fornes (MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY™), Michael Hansmeyer, Achim Menges, Theo Spyropoulos (Minimaforms), Neri Oxman (MaterialEcology), soma, Anouk Legendre (X_TU Architects)

Free entrance. Registration required.
9th ArchiLab
14th September 2013 – 2nd February 2014

Created in 1999, the prerogative of this internationally renowned event is to be a true laboratory for architecture, presenting the most advanced research in terms of architectural creation on each occasion.
Curated by its founders, Marie-Ange Brayer, Director of FRAC Centre and Frédéric Migayrou, Deputy Director of the Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, this new event ‘Naturaliser l’architecture’ (Naturalizing Architecture) is devoted to the interaction between digital architecture and the sciences, exploring the challenges faced in simulating the living world.
Today, through recourse to the most advanced digital tools, architects envisage projects which evolve according to principals similar to those found in nature. In close proximity to science, they develop a high level of proficiency in mathematics, which enables them to artificially simulate formation and growth processes unique to the kingdom of life.
The architecture is therefore designed like an organism in constant adaptation, with the ability to evolve in close interaction with the material conditions of its environment.
Broadly exceeding the boundaries of their practice, architects now develop a practice at the crossroads of design, computer science, engineering and biology. Conditions for production in the domain of architecture are radically redefined by this convergence, as well as by the constant evolution of the processes and tools for digital manufacturing.
For the first time, these new design processes which integrate the fields of robotics, nanotechnology, genetics and biotechnology are presented through research of a new generation.
The 9th ArchiLab is an opportunity to discover projects by 40 architects, designers and artists through interactive environments, installations and pavilions, designed specifically for the exhibition.