Shelter and Viewing Platform in the Quitralco Fjord

The project is a shelter and viewing platform located in an immaculate location on a mountain slope of Hacienda Quiltraco, which offers fantastic views of the Quitralco Fjord. The project consists of a generic platform on a raft foundation made from timber logs and planks and a shelter that consists of two ruled surfaces made from straight equal width timber planks. Ruled surfaces were chosen in response to the pre-manufacturing constraints of timber on site, the available construction means and the local knowledge in timber construction. A ruled surface is a surface that can be swept out by moving a line in space. This implies that such a surface can be constructed from straight elements, such as, in this case straight timber planks.

The aim was to demonstrate how from the application of a relatively simple building element and method a complex and beautiful form could arise that corresponds with the slopes of the mountains that frame the fjord. The two surfaces that make up the shelter are symmetrical and lean against one another. The combination of the weight of the surfaces and their flexible connection enabled resistance of the completed structure to the impact of the strong earthquakes of the region. At the end of the construction phase an earthquake at the scale of 5 on the Richter-scale occurred without consequences for the structure. The rotation points of the ruled surfaces shift along a curve in space resulting in a surface that seems to turn upon itself. This creates a raised opening where the two surfaces meet and the timber planks cantilever. Due to the north-south orientation of the shelter and the orientation of the opening to the south the Southern Cross can been seen through the opening at a specific time of the night.

AA EmTech Construction
Project Coordination: Michael Hensel, Juan Subercaseaux, Achim Menges, Michael Weinstock
Project Team: Maria Bessa, Bulut Cebeci, Christina Doumpioti, Andres Harris Aguirre, Elke Pedal Baertl, Defne Sunguro─člu, Manja Van de Word, Christy Widjaja
Engineering Consultants: Buro Happold Consulting Engineers