Volumetric Membrane Hinging

This project focuses on the shaping of a single volumetric component and articulating its materiality to provide structural capabilities and methods for interconnection between components. The basic morphology can be seen as a series of 4 fused ‘saddle’ forms. In fusing these individual surfaces together, a volume is attained. Subsequently, the detail of the seam between surfaces is offered as an opportunity to provide localized additional stiffening across the surfaces of the component. The tensioned membranes are ultimately hardened with epoxy, with the seams becoming stiffened ridges. The overall meta-structure is an assembly of hardened volumetric components interlaced with tensioned membrane surfaces to provide control of the overall structural articulation and resultant shape. The “peaks” within each volumetric cell provide a moment for connection as a pivot, or connection for structural rigidity across the field of components. The nodal connection allows for freedom is generating curvature across the entire assembly. While, within a secondary system of cables and interconnected tensioned membranes, the structure is stabilized and can exhibit significant cantilevers with a doubly-curved surface, as shown in the final prototype.

ICD Design Studio (Prof. A. Menges, S. Ahlquist)
Shadi Khair / Andreas Dziuk, ICD Stuttgart University, 2010